HFVS Summer Bike Riding Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

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June 26th, 2007 @ 7pm

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It’s officially summer! Our playlist includes several summer theme songs this week, including a favorite of ours we’ve been playing in the car since December, Nat King Cole’s “Lazy Days of Summer.” We replace the lyric “beer” with “root beer” which has led to a whole discovery of root beer in our house. I remember when I was a kid, we’d visit my relatives in Louisiana and my aunt would always make us root beer. I promised my daughter that we would brew root beer this summer. Hilltown Families contributing writer Tony(a) Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School has posted a few recipes for brewing roots into tasty elixirs, including Root Beer. Click here to read more.


We went to the Clearwater Music Festival for Father’s Day weekend. We had a great adventure, running into friends I haven’t seen in years, listening to great music, surrounded by families and environmentally aware people. One of the first acts we saw was at the Song Circle tent where I met Maryellen Healy. She clued me in that the Cleawater Hudson River Sloop Singers (CHRSS) have released their 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CD, the third collection of songs the CHRSS has to offer. This week on HFVS we played a cut from their new CD (proceeds go to support the Sloop Clearwater and Sloop Woody Guthrie). “Haul, Make Her Go High,” is a catchy tune that celebrates the pride Pete Seeger and CHRSS have for the Sloop Clearwater. A sense of pride that is justified by the work the Clearwater and its crew members have accomplished over the many years. For more information on this fundraising project email Maryellen at mhealy@frontiernet.net.


On Monday a Bike Rodeo was held at Sanderson Elementary School in Ashfield. My daugher brought her new pink Barbie bike she got from her second cousin. With her matching pink helmet, tassels and bell, she rode around with style through “Safety Town.” She learned to stop at stop signs, red lights and how to watch for obstacles. I learned how to properly put her helmet on and how to adjust her bike seat. If the kids didn’t have a proper helmet, Safe Kids of Western Mass provided free helmets.

The Ashfield Girl Scouts had a face painting table. my daughter had been swimming earlier at Ashfield Pond so she had zinc cream smeared on a scar from stitches she acquired this winter. One Girl Scout painting her face made the smudge into a cloud for a dragon to sit upon. She also got the Lucky Charm Special, a blue heart on one cheek and a yellow star on another (no green clover).


One Comment on “HFVS Summer Bike Riding Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

  1. Hello again Earthlings! – Dog on Fleas to the rescue.

    I won’t tell you about the shows I neglected to tell you about, just the Upcoming ones. the ones you missed were nothing special.

    Friday July 6th, 3-5pm at the Poughkeepsie Farmer’s Market
    253 Main St, 1/2 block east of Market St 845-473-1415

    Friday July 13th, 2pm Taconic Hills Performing Arts Center at Taconic Hills Central School Complex, 73 Columbia County Rt11A, Claryville, NY 518-325-0447 for info

    Sunday July 22nd, 5pm at the Rosendale Street Festival
    (Canal Stage, heading out of town past the Rosendale Cafe)
    Since you’ll be there anyway, come see John and Dean play with Mark Brown and Uncle Buckle at 3pm at the Cafe stage.

    News Flash: This Saturday come see ARM OF THE SEA THEATRE at Hasbrouck Park in New Paltz at 8PM. Bring lawn seating.

    We’re doing a show called CITY THAT DRINKS THE MOUNTAIN SKY, and it’s about the building of New York City’s water supply, ie Ashokan and the other reservoirs. Mask and puppets and live music. The raindate is SUNDAY

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