Find the best fruit pickin’ in Western Mass!

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2007 Farm Products Guide

(c) Hilltown Families - Blueberry Picking

Blueberry Picking at Running Fox Farm in Worthington, MA - (c) Sienna Wildfield

A new and improved on-line searchable database, available the week of June 18 at CISA’s website will make it easier than ever to find the exact product you are seeking while browsing other in-season delectables.

Those who prefer hard-copies need look no further than their local newspaper. Over 175,000 copies of the Guide will be distributed the week of June 18.

  • The Recorder – June 19
  • The Daily Hampshire Gazette – June 20
  • The Republican (Hampden County only) – June 20
  • Town Crier (Greenfield/North Quabbin edition) – June 21
  • Amherst Bulletin – June 22
  • The BuyLine (Barre/Hardwick region) – June 22
  • Area Chambers of Commerce, local farm stands and some local businesses will also distribute paper copies of the Guide.

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