Web Site: The Airship is Coming

The Airship Is Coming!

Material about the history of blimp transportation and communication. Features an exhibition about these giant airships, “from the very first zeppelin that flew over Lake Constance in Germany in 1900 to the last, which was broken up there in 1940.” Also includes a video clip, maps of zeppelin routes over Denmark, and a game. In English and Danish. From the Post & Tele Museum, Denmark. [LII]


Take a virtual tour of the Hindenburg’s interior and discover the comforts and crampness passangers experienced.

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  1. Great to see people interested in Airships. The link to the Book which can be rented at the local library is a cool idea, I might pick that up for our blog. If you haven’t checked out the Airshipworld blog, go check it out at http://airshipworld.blogspot.com. We are delivering almost daily news from the Airship Industry. Would be happy to see you stop by, and maybe leave a comment.

    Regards Andreas G

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