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Hilltown Family Variety Show
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Northampton, MA
May 22nd, 2007 @ 7pm

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Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Park

(Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

This past weekend we stopped by the Springfield Museum and my daughter got to romp around the Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Park. Dr. Seuss grew up in Springfield, and is honored throughout the city with banners and a sculpture park. There were many kids there climbing on the structure, which a sign nearby clearly prohibits. Parents were shouting things like, “Joey, get off Horton.” “Hazel, don’t climb on the Grinch.” “LIAM! Don’t push your brother into Thing Number 2!”

I noticed one of the benches a screaming parent was sitting on had a tribute to Taj Mahal. I later learned that Taj Mahal (born Henry Saint Clair Fredericks) is the official Blues Artist of Massachusetts. Voted on and approved by the Senate and House of Representatives. Taj Mahal grew up in Springfield too, another claim to fame of the city.


Chesterfield 4-Seasons Annual Fishing Derby (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Taj Mahal sings about goin’ fishin’ and tells how he’d go fishin’ at Watershops Pond and at the lakes down at Forest Park in Springfield when he was a kid. Dr. Seuss lived a few blocks from Forest Park too, and his grandfather started a brewery near Watershops Pond. Something about that area generated some mighty talented folks.

There are a lot of fine places to go fishing here in the Hilltowns, with plenty of fishing derbys for the kids to participate in. A couple of weeks ago there was a fly fishing clinic for kids, and last week Chesterfield, Ashfield, Hadley and Easthampton had their fishing derbys. This coming weekend there will be another fishing derby at DAR State Park in Goshen, MA. I think I saw this posted on the community bulletin board at the Chesterfield General Store, but don’t hold me to it. — If you live outside the area, find a fishing derby near you by going to www.kids-fishing.org.

Chesterfield 4-Seasons Annual Fishing Derby (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

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Jump in the Jumpy House was our featured new music this week. The album isn’t scheduled to come out until August 2007, however Mr. David is offering two free downloads of the cuts we played. Simply go to his website on myspace.com and download. They’re free downloads for now.

My daughter and I first listed to his song “Jump in the Jumpy House” on his website and LOVED IT! New fave! This song could easily be the theme song for the multitude of kid friendly festivals and fairs that happen during the summer and autumn months! It’s a call to FUN. – And “Hey! It’s Lunchtime” has inspired my daughter to claim that lunchtime is her favorite time too. Last night when I told her it was bathtime she protested and said she’d rather it be lunchtime. Lunchtime is more fun…

Mr. David is giving the first 3,000 fans who sign up for his newsletter a free, signed copy of the “Hey! It’s Lunchtime!” single. It might not be too late, and worth a shot if you’d like to get your hands on some new music.


  • May 26th (10am) – Aric Bieganek @ Cup & Top
  • June 10th (11am) – The Nields @ Thornes
    June 2th (10am) – Mr. Richard @ Cup & Top
  • June 16th (10am) – Ulysses S. Dee from The Deedle Deedle Dees solo @ Cup & Top
  • June 16th (6pm) -The Deedle Deedle Dees@ Artifacts
  • July 7th (10am) – AudraRox @ Cup & Top
  • July 28th (10am) – Uncle Rock @ Children’s Art Museum


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  1. Fishing Derby in Middlefield, MA, on Sunday, May 27, 2007, from 8-noon for kids 12 & under. Call 413.212.3021 for more info.

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