Hilltown Girls Offered Free Martial Arts

Self-Defense & Martial Arts for Hilltown Girls

A free self-defense & martial arts class for girls ages 5-12 is being offered by Sisters Ink and the Worthington Health Center. This free class is being offered to all hilltown residents and will be held at the Cummington Community House on Friday, May 11th from 4-5:30pm.

The classes will be taught by Nancy Rothenberg, a parent member of Hilltown Families. She has been teaching self-defense and kung fu for 20 years and currently is the director of Spirit of the Heart Center for Martial Arts and Self-Defense in downtown Northampton. The self-defense classes provide a great introduction to martial arts while also sharing mental, verbal and physical techniques to stay safe.

For additional information call Lee at the Worthington Health Center (238-5511 x155). Funding is provided from the Mass. Department of Housing and Community Development.


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