Princess Katie Holds Court in Florence

Performance Review: Princess Katie & Racer Steve

Princess Katie and Racer Steve performed this past Saturday (04/28/07) at Cup & Top in Florence, presented by Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Their high energy performance had kids up on their feet, dancing and twirling, and parents in their chairs smiling at the total cuteness of it all.

Dressed in a pink and green gown, complete with tiara, ribbon scepter, and ribbionrine, Princess Katie dazzled all with her fairy tale persona while Racer Steve jazzed the car and truck obsessed little ones in his blazing red Indy-500 suit and matching guitar. Princess Katie’s sense of humor adds a funny twist to the royalty theme, while she draws even the shyest young audience member into her “royal court” of dancers. (c) Hilltown Families - Princess Katie & Racer Steve @ Cup & TopParents appreciated the message the duo shared through their music, exploring the emotional development of kids and addressing how they can express themselves in healthy and constructive ways.

One thing you can not deny about Princess Katie & Racer Steve is their entrancing appeal to the eight and under crowd. Originally Steve and Katie Borne offered volunteer performances at children’s hospitals in NYC, dressed in character. Their volunteer work is what inspired them to bring their entertainment to a larger audience. They are currently working to develop a non-profit organization that distributes gifts to children in hospitals and in foster care.

(c) Hilltown Families - Princess Katie & Racer Steve @ Cup & TopTheir website is well done. They even offer music and activities for kids, including a memory game that uses an on-line simulated Simon, a strategy game and a neat navigational car race.



Before passing harsh judgement, parents from the anti-princess culture school of thought might want to take a peak into the success Katie and Steve have had in reaching children through their character platform. Be sure to check out the Hilltown Families list of resources for girls at Girl Power.

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    3 Comments on “Princess Katie Holds Court in Florence

    1. Agreed – we heart PK&RS here in the Spare the Rock house. I admit I was skeptical of the costumes and the rest, but we were quickly won over. It’s smart, fun, funny stuff.

    2. This is a great act — and very funny, too. Music kids & parents can both dig.

    3. We are so psyched that everyone had such a great time. Everyone made us feel so welcome – Spare The Rock, Cup and Top and Hilltown Families. That’s key when you’re outside your Kingdom and no longer safely protected by a crocodile-filled moat.

      I was first struck by the beauty of Northampton – the gorgeous homes, small tiny town shops, but after having met the parents, I was even more impressed with the interest and involvement that the community has in their children. That attention and love is priceless.

      Thanks Hilltown, Sienna & Persephone for the pictures, fun, dancing and laughing.

      Princess Katie

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