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May 1st, 2007 @ 7pm

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Raise your hand if you’ve discovered the natural phenomenon of attraction between kids and mud…

(c) Hilltown FamiliesAhhh, yes. The magnetic pull we once new as kids, forgot when we became teenagers, and are now rediscovering through our own kids. David Weinstone’s song “Dirt” celebrates this formula that all kids and parents are familiar with: kids + dirt + water + bugs = fun.


A clear plot of dirt offers a plethora of opportunities for children to explore and discover the world of science and ecology. Getting kids singing about gardening can add to the fun. Frances Englands song “Digging in the Dirt” and Sunshine Doray’s song “Digging” both explore the process of gardening. Digging being the first step, followed by planting, watering, weeding, and discovery of their growth. My daughter’s favorite part is looking for earth worms and beetles.

Last summer my daughter and I planted a sunflower house. We cleared a 5’x5′ area, mulched it, and planted Mammoth Sunflower seeds all along the perimeters. We even went down to the river and picked out the perfect flat stone for the door step. And then we waited. We waited and waited and waited. By the end of the summer only one flower grew. ( I think some critter must have gotten to the seeds and sprouts) It was the saddest looking sunflower house you’ve ever seen. But my daughter was thrilled. Thrilled to see this one sunflower grow from a seed to a stalk well over her head. After the first frost we gathered the head and saved the seeds to try it again this summer.


Good friends of ours manage Holiday Farm in Dalton, MA. They are developing an 80’x100′ Children’s Demonstration Garden that will have several “theme” gardens and demonstration plots, with permanent beds for sensory exploration. These beds will offer opportunities for digging and playing, and will include a tunnel garden and three sisters garden. The other beds will demonstrate popular theme gardens, including a sunflower house! My daughter and I will be paying our friends many visits this summer – for sure! It’s open and free to the public, so pay them a visit too and get some creative ideas for your own gardens.


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  1. We are so excited! We’ve broken ground in the Children’s Garden at Holiday Farm and are starting to put plants in the ground. This is our first year and we still need so many things- if you have perennial plants that you are dividing- we would love to have your cast-offs! If you have leftover annual vegetable or flower plants or seeds after you’ve filled your gardens- we would love to have those too! We will find space for just about anything….We can’t wait for you to come and explore our garden….but give us a month or so to really get the grass growing in the pathways! Or come and help us put in the garden sections- there is lots of mulch to put down, seeding to do and plants to put in. Volunteers welcome! Just give us a call at the farm or email me! Thanks so much- Des

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