Celebrate Equal Pay Day with Your Daughter

What will your daughter’s “cost of living” be?

Women pay more just to live an ordinary life, according to two recent reports. Women pay much higher health insurance deductibles than men, reports a Harvard University study of nearly 33,000 people that projects that the trend will worsen. More employers are pushing employees into plans with high deductibles, and women use health services more frequently for routine exams such as mammograms, Pap tests, and pregnancy-related services. Also, the inflation rate for goods and services targeted at women (such as clothes, shoes, housekeeping, and appliances) is rising faster than it is for typical male products (such as men’s clothing, sporting goods, and auto parts), notes an economist in Business Week. The “female inflation rate” is 18 times higher than men’s.

These bucks add up fast, and all of this is on top of a pay structure that’s still lower for many women in many professions. Celebrate Equal Pay Day on April 24 by visiting www.pay-equity.org to learn how you can make pay more fair for your daughter.

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