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April 10th, 2007 – 7pm

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Wonder Woman

My daughter been on a superhero kick lately. Last week it was Batman, this week Wonder Woman. I see Spiderman coming down the pike. With Wonder Woman being this week’s pick, it opens the door for an introduction to the Greek myths Wonder Woman is based on.

“Since this influential comic book super hero character was first created by polygamist feminist psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1941, Wonder Woman’s origins and continuing storylines have been tied intricately to Greco-Roman mythology. The ancient Greek and Roman pantheon consisting of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, etc. have always been rendered as explicitly real in Wonder Woman’s universe. This pantheon is also known as the Olympians, or the gods of Olympus, named after Mount Olympus, the mountain in Greece which was until recently their home.” (www.adherents.com)

American Folk – Lead Belly

Lead Belly Sings for ChildrenLead Belly sure is one heck of a folk blues guitarist. Find out more about his legacy at www.leadbelly.org.

“American folk singer, Lead Belly (1888-1949) was a walking, talking, singing storehouse of American music and one of the most important folk musicians of this century.” – Smithsonian Folkways (SF).

SF put out a CD of his songs titled Lead Belly Sings for Children. The song we chose for this HFVS is “Ha Ha This a-Way.” According to SF this song is a little children’s play song. Kids form a ring to sing this song. One child is inside the ring and as they go around and sing, holding hands, they sing the chorus – “Ha ha this a-way, Ha ha that a-way, Ha ha this a-way, my, oh, my.” As the kids hold hands and jump to the left and then to the right, the child in the middle jumps towards the ring and takes the hand of another, pulling them into the center and replacing their position in the ring.

American Blues – Eric Bibb

Eric Bibb, a Grammy nominated artist, is best classified as an American acoustic blues singer/songwriter. His father, Leon Bibb, who made his fame as part of the 60s folk music scene in NYC. Eric Bibb participates in a Beatles remake album by a collaboration of artists titled All You Need is Love. With snow making its appearance here in the hills on Easter morning, we decided to play “Here Comes the Sun,” a gentle plead for warmth!

American Jazz & Bebop – Dizzy Gillespie

My daughter & I recently discovered a collection of jazz music for kids, chosen by Nicky the Jazz Cat, which included “The Umbrella Man” by bebop legend, Dizzy Gillespie. Click here to borrow this CD from your local MA library.

In addition to a great collection of music, we also discovered a children’s book on Dizzy Gillespie (click photo –> ) along with a couple of cool websites for kids to learn more about jazz:

Hilltown Moms Rock-on!

(c) Hilltown Families 2007 - The Nields at WXOJSpare the Rock, Spoil the Child recently had The Nields on for a live performance, a local hilltown sister duo, Katryna & Nerissa Nields. They were there while we were recording this edition of HFVS, playing songs from their delightful kids album, All Together Singing in the Kitchen. My daughter spent much of her energy running up and down the hall with Amelia, Katryna’s daughter, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the show. They did a live performance of “Anna, Kick a Hole in the Sky,” one of my favorite songs from this album.

My daughter and I also had the opportunity to see them perform at the Amherst Library last month. Read our review here: Hilltown Moms Rock the Reading Room.

Pink Moon

Gustafer YellowgoldApril’s full moon is sometimes called the Pink Moon, along with several other folk names. The Farmers’ Almanac explains the name: “This name came from the herb Moss Pink, or Wild Ground Phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names for this month’s celestial body include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.” Hilltown Families has a Moon Lore Series featuring titles that shares the legends and lore the moon has in other cultures.

Gustafer Yellowgold has an appropriate song that fits well into this moon lore theme: “Tiny Purple Moon.” – What!?! You’ve never heard of Gustafer Yellowgold??? Read our review, Hilltown Families Meet Gustafer Yellowgold, of a recent concert at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. We’re are big fans!

Music for Hipster Parents & Indie Kids

(c) Hilltown Families 2007I love AudraRox’s song, “I Like to Pretend with You.” It’s fun and infectious, with a sassy horn solo, reminding me of music from a not-so-past era. I saw Audra and Jen perform this song recently and loved their energy. I’ve been singing it ever since. My daughter even included the song in her bath tub repertoire.

My Daughter’s Pick

She loves Gunnar Madsen in character as Old Mr. Mackle Hackle. The CD is loaded with many silly songs she makes me put the repeat button on while traveling around town. His music has been the winner of many children’s music awards, including a Gold Winner from Parents’ Choice.

I just discovered that there is a book with the same title written by Gunnar. Oh won’t she be thrilled!

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