Spring into Art at CAM in Shelburne Falls

Art-ful Eggs: Batiked, Wooden & Collage
By Victoria Worth, for Hilltown Families

(c) Victoria Worth - Egg Art at the Children's Art Museum
This past Saturday morning at The Children’s Art Museum (CAM) in Shelburne Falls, my family joined several hilltown families to decorate eggs in celebration of Spring & Easter. CAM offered several ways to create and decorate, creating a festive and rich atmosphere to explore art with my daughter.

One method we were shown was batik egg art, using wax to draw patterns and words, then dipping into colors for a reverse affect. On wooden eggs we used stickers to decorate, an easier project for the very young kids. But my favorite was placing strips of colored tissue paper around an egg, creating a blended collage look.

(c) Victoria WorthThere were so many different ways to make beautiful designs on the eggs. We were so thrilled to carry them all home and display them on the table. The Children’s Art Museum is a gem we have here in the hilltowns. We’re looking forward to more adventures at CAM!

About CAM
The purpose of the Children’s Art Museum is to make art available to children through a unique community gallery and learning space. CAM is committed to using an “earthday everyday” approach, fostering ecological awareness by creating art from nature-based and recycled materials. All children are welcomed. www.thechildrensartmuseum.org
About the author
Victoria Worth is a board member of the Ashfield Community Preschool and organizer of many fundraisers and community events in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. She lives in Ashfield with her family in a beautifully restored New England farmhouse.

2 Comments on “Spring into Art at CAM in Shelburne Falls

  1. We once took a lit candle and dropped melted wax onto a pre-dyed egg (in a light shade). We then took that egg and placed it in a darker dye. Once the egg was dried the wax was peeled/scraped off leaving a pretty neat design.

    Drawing with wax is a much safer/easier way for young children to make a batik design.

  2. Hi Victoria – Any further advice onthe batik eggs? Sounds like something I would like to try next year!

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