We’re going to the zoo!

April is National Zoo and Aquarium Month

At the ZooThere are lots of opportunities to visit zoos, farms and aquariums in our area. We’ve put together a list of suggested locations below. Please post any recommendations you may have in the comment box below to add to the list.

Your local Massachusetts library has several zoo and aquarium titles and videos available to borrow.

Local places to visit

Lupa Zoo
(Ludlow, MA) Lupa Zoo is a conservation and education institution demonstrating. Pony rides, bears, giraffes and zebras are just a few of the attractions at Lupa Zoo.

North Hadley Sugar Shack
(North Hadley, MA) Their animal village opens in February. Guests are welcomed to visit and pet the animals.

Southwick’s Zoo
(Mendon, MA) A privately owned zoo. Home to over 500 wild animals featuring more than 100 varied species, many of which are endangered.

The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center
(Springfield, MA) Forest Park Zoo features exotic and indigenous animals representing a large variety of species found throughout the world and in North America. Take a train trip around the park, explore freshwater pond life, learn about endangered animals and captive breeding programs. Get to know the creatures that frequent your backyard, and visit a Heritage Breeds Barn.

Magic Wings
(South Deerfield, MA) An 8,000-square foot conservatory, home to nearly 4,000 free-flying butterflies from all over the world!

Red Gate Farm
(Buckland, MA) Red Gate Farm is located on an old New England farm which is rich in history. It is a small, active farm home to a variety of farm animals, and a wealth of gardens. Visitors welcomed.

Tregellys On-lineTregellys Fiber Farm
(Hawley, MA) Tregellys Fiber Farm is the home to numerous exotic animals, including: Angora goats, Llamas, Alpacas, Yaks, Icelandic, Navajo Churro, Soay, Jacob, Shetland, and Karakul Sheep, White Galloway Cattle, Dzo and Dzomo’s, Black Angus and Jersey Cattle, 7 Dogs, 5 Cats, Ducks, Geese, Chickens, Turkeys, Pheasants, White Peacocks and a Poitou and a mini Donkey. You might only have seen some of these animals in zoos, but in fact they continue to have agricultural use around the world.

The Berkshire Museum

(Pittsfield, MA) The museum’s mission is a commitment to playing an active cultural and educational role in the community. Fourteen galleries, an aquarium, a 291 seat fully equipped, air conditioned theater, classrooms and a museum store make up the Berkshire Museum.

Science Museum
(Springfield, MA) Explore hands-on science, see aquatic sea life, and safari in African Hall. Take in a Planetarium show or be dazzled by a life-size T-Rex! Museum

Songline Emu Farm
(Gill, MA) Raising Emu’s and offering tours of their farm.

Valley View Farm
(Charlemont, MA) Valley View Farm has been in the Warfield family since 1868. They raise Emus, Hereford beef cattle, Haflinger horses and Llamas. Guests are welcomed to visit the animals

Day trips

Beardsley Zoo

(Bridgeport, CT) Beardsley Zoo provides a wild experience for families and students. Open year-round and exhibiting almost 300 animals – including several endangered species such as tigers and bears.

Franklin Park Zoo
(Boston, MA) Franklin Park Zoo, founded in 1913, is the 72-acre site nestled in Boston’s historic Franklin Park. Highlights of Franklin Park Zoo’s collection include the African lions of the Kalahari Kingdom, Masai giraffe and Grevy’s zebra of the Giraffe Savannah, and western lowland gorillas of the Tropical Forest.

New England Aquarium
(Boston, MA) The 200,000 gallon tank is the centerpiece of the New England Aquarium, and it is one of the region’s most popular underwater exhibits. The reef accommodates not only sharks, sea turtles, barracuda and moray, but also hundreds of smaller exotic tropical fishes, and it is one of the most detailed and scientifically accurate recreations of its kind.

Mystic Aquarium
(Mystic, CT) Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is so much more than an aquarium. It’s not just a place to visit ocean life, it’s a unique experience in living marine creatures and the latest discoveries of our underwater world.

Stone Zoo
(Stoneham, MA) Highlights of Stone Zoo’s collection include the snow leopards of Himalayan Highlands, bald eagles of Yukon Creek, hornbills and emperor tamarins of Windows to the Wild, and jaguars and cougars of Treasures of the Sierra Madre.

Sites to surf

On the boob-tube

Wild Zoofari
Wild Zoofari is a new live-action high definition, children’s wildlife series filmed at the world’s premiere zoos and aquariums. Our focus — fun, education, and wildlife conservation for kids and families. The first wildlife series to secure the unprecedented endorsement of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Sienna & Persephone’s personal pick. Zoobomafoo is an educational PBS Kids television program designed to introduce young children to the animal world, hosted by the Kratt’s Brothers. It aired from 1999 to 2001 and is still shown today in syndication.

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  1. what fantastic ideas! thanks so much for this wonderful resource!

  2. Another day trip idea:

    American Museum of Natural History
    Central Park West at 79th Street , New York, NY, 10024

    January 27, 2007 through January 13, 2008
    Undersea Oasis: Coral Reef Communities
    Undersea Oasis: Coral Reef Communities, an enthralling exhibition of 30 full-color photographs, opens January 27, 2007, at the American Museum of Natural History. On view through January 13, 2008, the brilliant color photographs by underwater photographer Idell Conaway capture the dazzling invertebrate life that flourishes in the unique ecology of coral reefs-from purple anemones to pale yellow sea squirts. Highlights among the exotic organisms are a red feather star with fern-like arms curling out of its cup-shaped body, a toxic flower urchin that can sting intruders, a Christmas tree worm with retractable spiral tentacles to catch prey, and a colony of bubble coral with tiny flatworms living on its surface.

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