Snap-Shots & Juice On-The-Rocks at Jalopy’s

Snap-Shots & Juice On-The-Rocks @ Jalopy’s

The Brooklyn Hootenanny was F-U-N! Bill & Audra did a swell job putting it together. My daughter & I are still tired! But it was well worth it. I’m too tired to really write anything creative, so instead I’ll offer a photo montage and videos from our adventure.

[rockyou id=62168595]

Lots of cool musicians, and even cooler kids. Click here to see a list of all the performers. You can be sure to hear many of these musicians on the Hilltown Family Variety Show, premiering this Tuesday at 7:00pm on WXOJ!

Read on and discover a couple of videos from the evening, and read what other’s are having to say about the Brookly Hootenanny:

Audra & Jen from AudraRox and Marty Beller from They Might Be Giants performing “D is for Drums.”

Ernie & Neal performing “Preschool Punk”

Princess Katie & Racer Steve performing “Dress Yourself”

Children’s Music That Rocks

Kids Music @ Jalopy’s

Gooney Bird Kids

Spare the Rock LIVE

Indie Kids Rock

No! Sleep! (in) Brooklyn

The Lovely Mrs. Davis

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

A Little More of a Report

Time Out Kids

A music scene grows in Brooklyn


This is The Last Time I Talk About the Brooklyn Weekend

Participating artists:


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