Suggested Events 03/02/07 – 03/09/07

Elmer’s Mardi Gras Party in Ashfield
Photo Credit: Victoria Worth

“I LOVE this site! I’m so glad I found it. Thank you for the links to Jesse James’s article and for the one to Hilltown’s Homeschool group. Next month my husband and I will be moving to Northampton with our 6 year old son, whom I homeschool … I’m excited about being a part of this community!” – Kyra Anderson

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Friday – 03/02/07

All Day – KINDERGARTEN SCREENING – Last day to schedule an appointment for Kindergarten screening for hilltown children attending Chester Elementary, R.H. Conwell Elementary, Littleville Elementary, Blandford Elementary or Russell Elementary Schools in the fall of ’07. Call 413.685.1360 x1121 to make appointment.

5pm – COMMUNITY DINNER – Elmer’s in Ashfield, MA, invites community members to come together to share dinner and conversation every Friday evening. Menu TBA. 628-4003 [Families] ($)

Saturday – 03/03/07

8am – MUSIC – While traveling around town, tune-in to WXOJ 103.3 FM in Florence, MA, from 8-10am to hear fabulous family friendly music on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. If you can’t tune-in at home, listen on-line at Check out host DJ Bill Childs program along with a guest DJ set arranged by Stefan Sheperd from [All ages] (Free)

9am – SPORTS – Chesterfield Recreation Department will be holding sign-ups for baseball from 9am-3pm. at the New Hingham Elementary School in Chesterfield, MA. Leagues for children 5-12 and 13-15 years old are offered. 296.4509 / 296.4392. [Ages 5 – 15] ($$)

10:30am – FAMILY CONCERT – At the Jones Library in Amherst, MA, The Nields will be performing a kids show from their new family CD, All Together Singing in the Kitchen. [All Ages] (Free)

11am – COMMUNITY COALITION – The Hilltown Coalition to End Domestic Violence invites families to come together and stand for peace during a photo shoot for a promotional poster to be distributed in the hilltowns. This will also take place at New Hingham Elementary School in Chesterfield, MA. Dress warmly. [All ages] (Free)

11am – MUSEUM – The Springfield Museums, home of the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, will be having a day long celebration for what would have been the 103rd birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, born in Springfield, MA. 1.800.625.7738. [Families] ($/Museum Pass)

7pm – FULL MOON – Full Moon Hike. Red Gate Farm in Buckland, MA, will be hosting a full moon hike through moonlit woods and fields. 413.625.9503 [All Ages] (Free)

Moonset in West ChesterfieldSunday – 03/04/07

10am – BULB SHOW – In Northampton, MA, the Spring Bulb Show begins on Saturday at the Smith Botanical Garden and runs through 03/18/07. Conservatory is open until 4pm. 585.2740 [Families] (Free)

2pm – WORKSHOP – At Elmer’s in Ashfield, MA, there will be a Singing & Signing and Human Development Workshop. [Parents] (Free)

1pm – PURIM CELEBRATION – A Purim carnival will be held at the Jewish Community in Amherst, MA.  256.0160. [Families] ($)

2pm – MUSICAL – Cats will be perfromed at the Amherst Regional High School auditorium, also in Amherst, MA. 253.7513. [Families] ($)

3pm – FAMILY WORKSHOP – A free family martial arts class will be offered by Nancy Rothenberg at the Community House in Cummington, MA, as part of the CFC Family Fun Sunday’s program. 238.5511 x155. [Families] (Free)

3pm – FAMILY DANCE – At the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA, Wild Asparagus will host a contra dance for the whole family. If you would like to get the whole family out to a dance with great live music and dances that anyone can do, here’s your chance. [All ages] ($)

Monday – 03/05/07

5pm – SUPPORT GROUP – MotherWomen, Inc. is offering a Postpartum Information and Support Night for mothers, partners and family members coping with postpartum stress in Northampton, MA. Free childcare provided. [Adults] (Free)

Tuesday – 03/06/07

2:30pm – CHILDREN’S ART CLASS – Printmaking Magic! A two hour printmaking class for school aged children at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA. Come learn the secrets of drawing backwards, mirror images, and making multiple copies of the same picture! This basic introduction to printmaking will use a variety of methods and everyday materials. Drop-ins welcomed. (413) 625-6826. [Ages 7-11] ($)

6pm – KNITTING CIRCLE – A winter knitting group is underway at Shaw Memorial Library in Plainfield, MA, for knitters of all levels. (413) 634-5406 [Ages 7 & up] (Free)

Wednesday – 03/07/07

9am – PARENT SOCIAL – Breakfast at Elmer’s! After dropping your children off at school, Hilltown Families invites you to head on over to Elmer’s in Ashfield, MA, for coffee, tea and crumpets. 628-4003 [Parents] (Free/$)

6pm – MOVIE NIGHT – The Northampton Music Center is hosting a Pajama Movie Musical Night featuring “The Wizard of Oz!” Bring snuggle-ies. RSVP 585.0001. [Families] (Free)

Hilltown Families social at Bread EuphoriaThursday – 03/08/07

9am – PARENT SOCIAL -Take a coffee break! On your way down from the hills into the valley, Hilltown Families invites you to drop in to Bread Euphoria in Haydenville for an a.m. social with other hilltown parents. Treat yourself to a cup of fair trade coffee or tea, an organic pastry, chat a bit, and be on your way … Make your day a little merrier! 268-7757 [Parents] (Free/$)

7pm – PARENT WORKSHOP – A free Financial Planning workshop will be offered at the Community House in Cummington, MA, to help families with young children make smart financial decisions. 238.5511 x155 [Parents] (Free)

Friday – 03/09/07

10am – PARENTING WORKSHOP – “Routines: Surviving Bedtimes, Mealtimes, Grocery Shopping, and Other Disaters with Kids,” a free workshop offered by the NPC will be offered at the Lilly Library in Florence, MA. Free childcare available. 582.2636. [Parents] (Free)

5pm – COMMUNITY DINNER – Elmer’s in Ashfield, MA, invites community members to come together to share dinner and conversation every Friday evening. Menu TBA. 628-4003 [Families] ($)

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  1. The Cat in the Hat’s 50th Birthday: Teaching Activity Guide

    Collection of classroom materials to celebrate the 50th anniversary (in 2007) of the publication of Dr. Seuss’ beginning reader “The Cat in the Hat.” Includes ideas for supporting literacy in the classroom, data on reading and literacy, and related material. From the National Education Association, a professional organization for public educators. (LII)


  2. March 3rd is the day of the Japanese Doll Festival / Girl’s Day

    All About Japanese Hina Dolls
    “Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates the Doll Festival (Japanese, Hina Matsuri). Until recently, Girls’ Day was also celebrated on March 3rd. On this day every year, families set up a special step-altar on which to arrange their Emperor and Empress dolls, called ‘hina’ in Japanese.” This site describes and provides images of these dolls and doll altars. From the Kyoto Museum. (LII)


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