Dental Outreach Taskforce Launched in the Hilltowns

Dental Outreach Taskforce Launched  
Did you know that approximately 400 children in the Hilltown Community Health Centers’ service area have never received any dental services?  Additionally, about 40% of area residents have gone without dental treatment in the last twelve months.  Hilltown Community Health Centers’ dental departments treat many children with gum disease and oral problems.  Many of these serious dental problems could be avoided with regular preventive dental care.  But what is the best way for all children to receive good dental care? 

Hilltown Community Health Centers and the Gateway Regional School District have joined forces to see if there is a better way to provide dental care for our children. Last week a taskforce met with representatives from both organizations and parents to see what could be done.

The taskforce is investigating the feasibility of using portable dental equipment to provide dental services at the Gateway schools.  The dental services to be offered have not been determined yet, but may include fluoride varnishes, sealants, cleanings and exams, and possibly fillings.

The mission of the taskforce is to determine what will work for our community.  To do this we need to hear your suggestions, questions or concerns. Please contact Mary Jo Maffei at 238-4117 or 413-259-1263 or at

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