Reindog Parade

(c) Hilltown Families

Hilltown families feeling adventurous this weekend headed out to Williamstown, home of the Clarke Museum. Images Cinema hosted a special movie screening of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Olive, the Other Reindeer.

Following the screenings, Spring Street was closed off for the towns annual Reindog Parade, an interesting tradition of the folks from Williamstown. The street was lined with luminaries, balloons were passed out to children, and the local public access television station was poised with their cameras to film the parade.

(c) Hilltown Families (Reindog Parade)When the church bells rang at 4pm, the parade began. Men from the American Legion along with the Town Crier led the parade, followed by a small marching band of children. Then followed a mob of folks dressed in holiday garb with their dogs dressed the same. In antlers and sleigh-bells, red ribbons and sweaters, pooches paraded down Spring Street with spectators cheering them on. Kids loved seeing the spectacle of dogs dressed like reindeer and the like. Santa closed up the rear of the parade aboard a bright red fire engine with Mrs. Santa and Sparky the Fire Pup.

Actually, the Reindog Parade isn’t unique to the community of Williamstown, MA. A few other towns host this “unique event,” including; St. Joseph, MI, Cincinnati, OH, Chicago, IL, and Tucson, AZ.

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