Farming in the Hills

Farming in the Hills
A photo exhibit by Cynthia Poirier

(c) Hilltown FamiliesA reception for a photographic exhibition by Cynthia Poirier was held at the Cummington Community House on Saturday evening. Children ran around and played while parents and community members gathered to discuss the larger issues and challenges of farming in the hilltowns.

Poirier did a terrific job of presenting images of local farming families with short bio’s of their experiences and history of being a farmer. Her works depict hilltown agriculture as a dynamic and vital way of life. The Thayer Sheep Farm, Crabapple CSA Farm, Waryjasz Potato Farm and the Joyner Dairy Farm were a few of the farms to chronicled in this exhibit.

Poirer’s work will be displayed through Dec. 31st, 2007, and is a must see for all interested in the history and current affairs of farming in the hilltowns. A great way to expose older children to a historical view of our local community through the thread of farming.

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  1. Ben Albert was the founder of not just Worthington land but Plainfield as well. Its a sad day to see his last of his dream get snuffed out due to Doreen Warjasz(Albert) the daughter of Albert loose her farm because of bad desisions made to save the farm. I guess money and selfishness was the issue. Her husband Robert E waryjasz was the man to pull it off with the help and workmanship of his beloved son Robert Waryjasz Jr.Its sad he was pushed out of the farm due to his problems and his mother and family. It all crumbled because of money and greed. What a shame

  2. Worthington potato farm up for auction – again

    As reported in the Daily Hampshire Gazette: “The sale at auction of 550 acres of former potato magnate Ben Albert’s Worthington farmland to a New York farming corporation has apparently fallen through, according to town officials close to the deal. … Town officials want to ensure that residents and potential local buyers have sufficient notice of the next sale, Johnson said.”

    Click here for auction information

  3. I was wondering if photos or paintings could be shared of the Waryjasz Potato farm. I’d like to see this farm celebrated for what it was in celebration of Bob Waryjasz, the best grower and farmer ever, who passed away in November 2006. He was well known and loved. I’d like to see something shared from the community in his honor.

    Sherri Sulewski
    (A true friend of Mr. Robert Waryjasz)

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