Midwinter Magic Puppet Show

Puppet Show

The Springfield Museums’ Holiday Happenings this past Saturday was a great adventure. They had a list of activities to do with the kids in addition to visiting all four of their museums. They had several craft activities, including coloring a nut cracker crown, making a magnet mitten, paper holiday wreaths, and snowflakes.

The Midwinter Magic puppet show, put on by the Gerwick Puppets, was well attended. The story was about the Winter Solstice and magic that two children encounter during a dream on that special night.Puppet Show

Following the puppet show, puppeteer Deborah Costine sat down with children in the audience and shared the nuts and bolts behind the show, from how they made their puppets to the mechanisims of their performance.

The admission price for the Springfield Museum’s is $10 for adults, $5 for children 3-17, free for children under three. Free passes to the mueusm are often available for checking-out from your local library or main branch. If you can’t get your hands on a free pass, bring your Big Y card or a student id for a discount.

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